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We are the founders of Magalen Community Services, a charity set up with a passion to make a difference to the livelihoods of women and girls in rural communities.   We are a dedicated and committed team, giving our time, energy and resources to help change lives. We are a charitable organisation with a great desire to lift up people in rural communities in Uganda from poverty through self-reliance programmes, empowerment and schemes that facilitate equal access to resources.  We aim to further promote women’s contribution to the household income by helping them through planning and development of projects in agriculture, health awareness, education and employment.  Our projects and activities are designed with community participation in mind.   Our aim is to see a more economically empowered community, improved living standards and increased entrepreneurial skills initiative-through business activities and saving schemes.


Together we can make a great difference Our primary objective is the relief of poverty and the advancement of health in the communities of rural Uganda. We seek to: To improve the livelihoods of women [and girls] in rural communities through participatory planning and development of projects within their reach in the agriculture, industrial, commercial farming and healthcare sectors. To encourage savings and investments in suitable development projects and enable women to start their own savings accounts and have access to micro-finance services. To promote sustainable group work/co-operation and information accessibility with other associations. To promote skill-based training in the home environment and functional literacy, and share learned skills with fellow members of the community. This will be achieved through: the funding of educational projects the development of local health services conducting agricultural development working with other organisations acting in the region to achieve this purpose.

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Magalen Community Services (MCS) is a UK registered charity organisation registered in England and Wales with charity number 1167470. Magalen Community Services was founded in 2012. ​We are completely voluntarily supported and all our funds come from donations and small but regular contributions from individuals and modest fund raising projects.


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