Reducing Malaria Transmission

Reducing Malaria Transmission

Malaria is one of the most common diseases affecting almost the entire population in Uganda especially children, if not properly treated can lead to death. We are working with the local team to promote preventive measures via home visits and treatment intervention.

We have developed visual teaching aids to help promote preventative awareness – the local women produced a drama about malaria prevention and treatment to educate communities. This drama has been presented to people in nearby villages. Our local outreach team not only supports but also performs along with the local women in the fight against Malaria.

As shown in the photos, we recently received a donation that allowed us to purchase two bicycles to help our local team members with transportation so they can continue with the outreach work. This has eased off the pressure and heavy workload as they used to walk on foot for long distances to reach families in need both far and wide. The two ladies supply families with mosquito nets; carry out spraying in homes to help reduce the spread of malaria; conduct visits to families to promote food safety and healthy diet.

The outreach team provides a broad range of counselling services to families facing terrible crisis such as needing immediate medical attention, bereavement, food scarcity, lack of training opportunities and productive farming. The team encourages other women to come and join them in the fight against poverty and poor living conditions, lack of access to proper healthcare and prevention of early child marriages or pregnancies. They work with the local district health centres and local office councillors to initiate family planning programmes and help local people with completing National Identification forms and land issues.

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