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MCS Newsletter 2020 to 2021

  Thank you for your continuous generosity and support. Read our most recent newsletter to see what you have helped us do. Thank you a million times. Read or Download Our Latest News Letter ->

Big Thanks To You

A big thanks to everyone for your continuous generosity and support 🙏. Magalen Community Services (MCS) couldn’t have existed till this very day without your helping hands. God bless the hands 🙌 that never hold back what is good to those in need. “And there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving…
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Reducing Malaria Transmission

Malaria is one of the most common diseases affecting almost the entire population in Uganda especially children, if not properly treated can lead to death. We are working with the local team to promote preventive measures via home visits and treatment intervention. We have developed visual teaching aids to help promote preventative awareness – the…
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Building Lifeline Opportunities For Communities

In January 2018, we held another annual event to give the women a platform and opportunity to share their experiences and growth. As part of the training session, women were given certificates of participation. The event was attended the local government officials and councillors. The women and other members of the community take great interest…
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Subsistence Farming

In 2015 we started a small-scale pilot subsistence farming project to grow maize, beans and other organic fruit and vegetable varieties. The project involved 60 women initially, each with an acre of land. The women obtained access to land to enable them to participate in the project. They received training in planting, harvesting, drying, storing…
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Securing Household Food Security

Our cassava production training was aimed at showing rural women approaches that can help produce and them realise cassava’s potential for producing higher yields, alleviating rural poverty and contributing to household and community economic development. Generally, the women in this community face immense pressure to put food on the table daily and making sure their…
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Determined And Hopeful

Life requires that we look beyond today’s challenges. We must continually work to look forward with hope and determination and not to allow challenges whether internal or external to dampen our spirit. When you feel like giving up, instead look for that hand reaching out to help you.

Reflection Is A Meditation

Reflection is important in every learning and making use of what is learned benefits you and others. It can also serve as inspiration and encouragement for others. In September 2017 we rolled out our first series of trainings under the umbrella of the Village Learning Programme (VLP) for rural women. 12 women located in the…
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Bridge That Gender Contribution

We work with small rural communities. Currently we are working with girls and women in Magola sub county in Tororo, Uganda, to promote the acquisition of skills-based training, functional numeracy and literacy (including health literacy) and the sharing of learned skills to strengthen the community. We are working to bridge that gender contribution gap, by…
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